Folk Show Evenings

Folk Show, and evening with Polish folk culture: music, songs, dance, and, of course, traditional food. The Folk Show Evening is an opportunity to see traditional Polish dances: Krakowiak, polonaise, oberek, and mazurka. Want to dance? No problem! Our dancers invite you to have a good time together, dancing to the lively sound of polka. Honouring an old Polish custom, we offer our guest the best there is in traditional Polish cuisine: żurek (sour rye soup), schabowy (breaded pork cutlet) with potatoes and fried cabbage, apple pie with ice-cream, traditional bread with lard and pickles, kiełbasa (traditional Polish sausage), local cheeses, and many others. So that your throats are kept fit for singing, we serve coffee, tea, water, kompot (traditional Slavic sweet non-alcoholic fruit beverage), wine, and beer, all this unlimited.

We organize Folk Show Evenings every Thursday, from April to October. For larger groups we can organize the event any day you want.

Special price for Skansen Holiday Guests:

149PLN (instead of 179PLN)/adult
70PLN/children 6-12 years old
Children up to 6 years old – FOR FREE

Group bookings – individually negotiated Want to know more? Feel free to message us.

Excursions* with two ways transportation:

  • Energylandia (amusement park)
  • Salt Mine in Wieliczka guided tour
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp guided tour

*Pick-up is always from Skansen Holiday. In order to check the availability or book a tour, please send us an email:

Water sports and attractions by the lake


the biggest amusement park in Poland, 38 kilometres from our place, dozens of attractions, perfect entertainment for both children and adults

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Kościuszki Mound

One of the five Kraków mounds, dedicated to our national hero – Tadeusz Kościuszko. Built in 1820-1823. Located on a hill, in the western part of Kraków, with a magnificent view of the whole city. A symbol of fight for the liberty of Poland.

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Kraków ZOO

8 kilometres from our place, about 1400 animals (270 species).

Located in Wolski forest, perfect place for weekend walks.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Over 700-years-old, historical Salt Mine, entered into UNESCO World Heritage list, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Poland.

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Museum established in 1947 on the place of a former Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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Schindler’s Factory

The museum is made in the Enamelware Factory, during World War II owned by Oscar Schindler. The mission is to teach about the history of the Jews of Kraków during World War II, especially about the living conditions in Kraków ghetto.

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Main Market Square
The Main Market of the Old Town. Meeting place, centre of the cultural life. This is where St. Mary’s Trumpet call is played every hour on the tower in St. Mary’s Church, tourist buy souvenirs in the Cloth Hall, and the university students meet at ‘Adaś’ – the monument of Adam Mickiewicz.

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